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Our work with ReceiptShed.

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The challenge

ReceiptShed came to us with the challenge of delivering a highly focused app for freelancers and sole traders to help manage all the key paperwork and information needed to effectively run their business.

Most apps are either too limited (for example, they just have receipt capture) or are too extensive (complete accounting packages with profit/loss and many other advanced features that are overkill for what is needed).

ReceiptShed purposefully focuses the functionality to three core requirements - invoicing (getting paid!), receipt capture/scanning (so you know what you've spent) and job checkin (so you can remember where you've been and don't forget to invoice).


Our approach

Making something appear simple, and incredibly quick and easy to use is always something that requires a significant amount of research and design.

Often, even seemingly well-defined high level features have many edge cases that need considering to make sure we consistently deliver an experience that everyone understands intuitively.

That was especially true of invoices - we needed to find a way of allowing the user to flow seamlessly from quotes, to invoices that were either due, overdue or paid, while offering flexibility on the payment terms offered. We use local notifications on the device to remind when customers owe money to make sure users get paid on time, every time.

Monetisation of the app is via platform-specific subscription (i.e. Apple/Google), since this minimises the friction for users paying for the app by making it incredibly easy to sign up for a free month trial of the service.

I can't speak highly enough of everyone at Rantmedia. They went above and beyond all expectation and consistently delivered. The whole team have a perfect blend of professionalism and a personal touch which makes them an absolute pleasure to work with.
Gwion Thomas, Founder ReceiptShed.
ReceiptShed ReceiptShed

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