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Our work with Project AWARE.

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Project AWARE

The challenge

Project AWARE® – a global charity focussed on ocean protection – came to us with the challenge of providing a compelling and easy-to-use mobile experience to their diving community for the capture of vital ‘Dive Against Debris®’ data.

The data was already being captured – via their website and a physical printed form – but successfully delivering a mobile experience would allow users to much more quickly - even when offline - capture the accurate and scientifically vital information required.

One of the major challenges was the user experience – the data form is information dense, very diverse in data types (debris survey information, images, lat/long co-ordinates, area calculations, dive data and sea conditions to name a few) and must be filled in accurately.

Project AWARE Project AWARE Project AWARE
Project AWARE

Our approach

As a design-led studio, our first step is always to consider the user experience (the UX). With such a diverse set of data needing capture, we set about identifying precisely how the app would be segmented for the user and what feedback is given to ensure the user is always aware of what remains for them to complete.

We knew the data capture would be split over multiple screens, so we devised a custom UI 'dive bubbles' element to show the users what screen they are on. We engineered these bubbles to also carry ‘state’ – so it would be clear to the user where required data was missing or incorrect.

Every aspect of the data capture was optimised to help divers enter high quality data. Elements that were previously complex and error-prone were greatly assisted by use of custom views – for example, calculating ocean survey area and latitude/longitude entry.

Offline use if fully supported, with divers able to save multiple ‘draft’ survey reports. Local & push notifications ensure the divers are kept up to date and engaged with pending and approved results.

This app is going to make a huge difference in gathering critically needed data to reveal the extent of the global marine debris crisis for scientists and help conservationists to advocate for change. There is a tide of debris suffocating the ocean. We have to reverse it.
Danna Moore, Director of Global Operations Project AWARE.
Project AWARE Project AWARE

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