VentureFast-paced endless arcade action in your pocket and on your TV.

Winner of BAFTA Cymru 'Best Game of the year' 2016.

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The challenge

Back in early 2015 we thought it was time to "kick-off" a new internal project.

And given our passion for casual gaming, we quickly decided the project would involve creating an original IP and developing an exciting new game.

Our last major game project was Vectrex Regeneration for iOS. BAFTA award-winning, featured by Apple in 141 countries and regarded by many games industry legends as the best console emulator on the App Store...

Let’s just say, we felt the pressure to do something awesome!

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Our approach

We’re huge fans of the 16-bit era of games. Especially arcade sports titles such as Kick Off (1989), Sensible Soccer (1992) and Speedball (1988), so we really wanted to do a modern take on that genre.

We played and reviewed what made these classic titles so playable and iconic: a trademark fast, arcade feel combined with easy to pickup controls. Sensibilities we wanted to bring to TV Sports Soccer™ along with a new modern twist - the endless runner mechanic.

The endless scenario let us focus on the two things we love about arcade soccer games - passing and scoring goals! Traditionally, when you lose the ball, you have to chase the opposition players around the pitch as they meander about at the mercy of the AI that controls them. The momentum always sags at that point. It’s great when it’s two real players and you’re sat next to a mate but we wanted to focus on a great single player experience that was all about the fun bit: pace and goals!

TV/Sports Soccer TV/Sports Soccer


TV Sports Soccer™ is all about scoring goals and making your way through an endlessly changing landscape against opposing teams making ever more determined efforts to steal the ball and end your run of high scoring play.

Published for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV as a universal purchase, we wanted to avoid the frustration of in-app purchases and focus on delivering a game that can be played on small touch screens and big screen using the Apple TV remote.

Snappy gameplay and sharp graphics are delivered in an iconic Voxel style (which are essentially 3D pixels) while sound design and an exclusive soundtrack has been created for TV Sports Soccer™ by award-winner Stafford Bawler (Monument Valley).

TV/Sports Soccer

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TV/Sports Soccer TV/Sports Soccer