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BNI Timer

iOS Universal, Free

BNI (Business Network International) is the largest business networking organisation in the world.

BNI meetings include a 60 second business introduction by each member, a 10 minute speaker presentation and a 3,4 or 5 minute education slot. ‘BNI timer’ is a universal App for the iPhone and iPad that helps ensure the meeting runs smoothly.

The bold design allows the speaker and other members to view the time remaining. When the timer ends, a bell will sound.

‘BNI Timer’ is simple to use:

1: Choose how long you want the timer to run using the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

2: Press ‘Start’. Once the timer reaches zero, you will hear a bell indicating the time has expired (ensure your device is not muted).

3: At any time you can stop, reset or resume the timer.