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TV Sports Soccer

October 30, 2015

This year we started something exciting. We began working on our own game project, it’s called TV Sports Soccer™ and we’re about to launch exclusively on the new Apple TV.

Our last major game project was the official Vectrex Regeneration iOS app which went on to be featured by Apple in 141 countries and received some lovely praise by games industry legends like Jeff Minter and Jaz Rignall. So there’s a bit of pressure to do something awesome!

At Rantmedia we’re huge fans of the 16-bit era of games, especially the arcade sports titles like Kick Off, Sensible Soccer and Speedball and we really wanted to do a modern take on that genre.

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Apple Watch – Thoughts on a New Platform

May 11, 2015

The announcement and subsequent launch of Apple’s inaugural wearable device has been incredibly interesting, and has left us speculating on questions like: Will the device finally bring a new era of wearables to the mainstream? Will the apps prove to be compelling and interesting enough? Will it prove more than an expensive fashion statement? What […]

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Beacons – New Opportunities

April 29, 2015

Beacons (Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters) have been mainstream for almost two years promising many possible opportunities for innovation – typically (up until now) in the retail and exhibition spaces. The two-pronged capability of highly accurate and reliable indoor and outdoor location provided by beacons and the connectivity and user interface provided by a smartphone app offers a new way of engaging with a user at their precise point of need and with the minimum of friction.

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